October 10, 2019

Important Articles to Read – 10/10/2019

India will focus on building on the Wuhan ‘consesus’ for better ties

It warns of slower growth for 90% of the world this year

India’s data localization plans hang in the balance as it will join the other Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) countries on Thursday in discussing the ecommerce chapter of the RCEP agreement.

It also shows fish catch probability

Wuhan was meant to stabilise India-China ties at a time of major global changes; the basic understanding must continue

A Turkish incursion into Syria could weaken antiIS forces and plunge the region into chaos.

While indexation of the NREGA wages is critical, lifting them to the minimum wage would help workers and the economy.

Provide attractive business environment, syas engine maker Safran

Chinese Prime Minister visited the heritage site in 1956 when the relationship between the two nations was underlined by the ‘Hindi-Chini bhai bhai’ spirit.

Kathmandu looking for alternative after India blockade

Won’t cooperate with inquiry, says Trump administration, setting the stage for a constitutional battle.

Lithium batteries have transformed cars and phone, cut use of fossil fuels.

The race is on to colonise the moon as a staging ground for journeys to Mars.

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