October 14, 2019

Important Articles to Read – 14/10/2019

IRCTC can’t fix its own fare, say officials

But it’s likely to recover to 6.9% in 2021

We need to do a lot in the city and we are trying, says Chief Minister Kejriwal

Researchers have found litter from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand on the island, which hosts a biosphere reserve.

Modi and Xi have not allowed recent disagreements to cloud their meeting

Ensuring, with political will, that multinational companies actually pay their fair share of taxes is a feasible strategy

Abiy Ahmed must view the Nobel as a call to end interrecthnic conflicts in Ethiopia

PanIndia study of 1.2 lakh children by Health and Family Welfare Ministry shows children received better diets with higher levels of schooling among mothers

Kathmandu to import more from Beijing; Chinese banks to open branches in Nepal

Turkish offensive is likely to extend further, making situation ‘untenable’ for U.S. forces, says Esper

These notes are provided by ‘Dnyanjyoti Free Learning University’ to help students to learn and prepare for their Government exams.

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